Application Category #1: Repeatable, Customizable, Flexible, Adhesive Tapes and Closures

Our flexible micropatterned tape or closure adhesives are ideal for applications requiring removability, reusability, high peel and shear strength, or conforability to curved surfaces. Example product applications include new flexible and silent closures for clothing and packaging, and reusable surface attachment materials. These materials may be produced on films or incorporated into our customers' backing materials depending on the specific application needs. Advantages of our fiber adhesive materials include:

• Repeatability: Our materials can attach and detach thousands of cycles with very little performance degradation;

• Customizability: Our materials can be fabricated from a wide existing library of micro-geometries and polymer formulations to conform to our customers’ exact material and performance requirements. We can also add other custom requirements to our adhesives, such as gas or fluid sealing capabilities, biocompatibility, etc. Moreover, by controlling the fiber and its tip geometry, we can create custom directional friction materials.

• Conformability: Fabricated from elastomers, our adhesives can conform to curved objects and bond to curved surfaces;

• Contamination resistance: Unlike traditional pressure sensitive adhesives, our materials are not tacky, demonstrate remarkable contamination resistance, and, if contaminated, can easily be cleaned to restore their original sticking ability.

• Robustness: Our materials maintain strong adhesion and friction in wet, very sunny, cold, and other challenging environmental conditions.

• Silence: Our adhesive systems are very silent, which is advantageous for daily use, defense, hunting, or other stealth applications.

Adhesive Tape Demo Videos

    These videos demonstrate several proof-of-concept applications for our repeatable adhesive materials:

  1. Highly dextrous manipulation with a page-turning robot

  2. Optimized repeatable adhesives allow a mobile robot to climb walls and traverse ceilings

  3. Controllable, repeatable pick and place of delicate components without leaving residue


Application Category #2: High Friction Surfaces

Additionally, nanoGriptech has engineered micropatterned surfaces which demonstrate enhanced friction on most substrates. For example, one class of nanoGriptech materials demonstrates a much higher static friction coefficient on skin when compared with flat materials, even for wet and oily skin. As an example product in this category, we are developing enhanced gripping gloves for sports and other applications.


Application Category #3: Micro-Structuring for Modified Component Tactility and Other Desired Surface Properties

While nanoGriptech has optimized micro/nano-fiber materials specifically for the above enhanced adhesion and friction qualities, other microstructure and material combinations have been identified and produced to control the tactile qualities of the object when handled. Using this technique, by precisely controlling the microstructure texture, an object formed from any plastic can be given a desired surface quality. This patent-pending process produces objects which are pleasant to touch, without necessitating expensive secondary over-molding processes with a softer material. This class of materials may have value for molded plastic parts for consumer product applications.